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Your Wedding Florist Will be like another Bridesmaid - You Need the Best!

I hope my wedding is as good as what I've Pinned on Pinterest.... 

A wedding day will be one of the most important days of your life and flowers can bring the whole day and vision together. Flowers can bring a colour palette together, they can bring a scent to a venue and they can finish off any experience you are creating for your guests. In saying this, choosing your florist should be as important as your choosing your dress or makeup artist. We wanted to give you some tips on things you should know or ask your florist early on so you aren’t disappointed on your special day.

What’s in Season – Raise your hand if you have always wanted peonies in your bouquet, or maybe you wanted tulips but they aren’t in season when your big day is scheduled, this can be a real downer. It’s so important that you chat with your florist to gain knowledge about what is in season at the time of your wedding.

Have a budget in mind – Weddings cost money and not everyone has a budget as big as Prince Harry and Meghan Markle so ensure you chat to your florist about this when you first meet with them. There are heaps of ways your florist can still create beautiful flowers, perhaps you get a few stems of flowers rather than a full bouquet for your bridesmaids, maybe a small buttonhole of only 1 flower and a bit of greenery rather than many flowers. So many options and your florist will appreciate the transparency of your budget so they can work towards making your day special.

What is their style – Some florists love classic, traditional styles however if you are having a boho chic style wedding this might not suit. It’s really important to understand their style and if you have a specific style you are hoping to achieve, discuss this with them. No one wants to look at flowers on their wall that don’t match the theme you are creating, blue silk roses anyone?

Either way, it's your day and you should have flowers that are special and represent you so take time to book a consult with a florist, share a cup of tea and show them all your pinterest ideas. 

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